Wendy Lewis / Bill Carrothers - The Language of Crows

"If you lie quietly in bed in the very early morning, in the half-light before time begins, and listen carefully, the language of crows is easy to understand. "Here I am." That's really all there is to say and we say it again and again."

Louis Jenkins, from The Language Of Crows


Wendy Lewis - voice
Bill Carrothers - piano, voice

Click on the eighth note to listen.

  Ballad Of Lizzie Borden
  The Vacant Chair
  America The Beautiful
  Savior Self
  Pas De Deux
  Take Me Out To The Ballgame
  Jesus Loves Me
  Hanschen Klein
  Like A Sick Eagle

Total time: 48:40

Wendy checks Bill for b.o.

...Lewis and Carrothers' shared creative
trust and expressive force makes
for some outstanding pieces of
understated avant-garde.

- Jim Meyer, Minneapolis Star Tribune -

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