Armistice 1918 session
June 18-19, 2003 - Creation Audio, Minneapolis, MN

From the left: Jay Epstein, Mark Henderson, Matt Turner, Bill Stewart, Peg Carrothers, Bill Carrothers, Drew Gress

Booth - Creation Audio, Minneapolis, MN Bill Carrothers Sr.
Drew digs in... Studio in a messy state.
Stewart clowning for the camera mid-session
mid-session Bill playing with a studio toy
Jay Epstein in the percussion chair Philippe and Bill discuss the best place for pizza.
Philippe getting to know himself Carrothers with one of his favorite toys
Steve Wiese, assistant engineer Bill and Drew step outside
Bill, Drew, Philippe and Peg - Almost ready for the coin toss... Jay arrives at the induction center
Bill and Peg talk about the weather Jay, Bill, and Peg talk about the weather
Peg sings about the weather. Bill plays weather related music...
nice cymbals...
Matt Turner - the best damn cello player on earth. Drew in action.